Most of you have been wondering, what is the big deal about cannabis and its usage as a medicine or as an anesthetic. People have a bad idea and bad opinion about cannabis because most of the global media is constantly giving us the impression that cannabis is a drug and that it is bad for your health. That is partly true. Cannabis is often used as a medicine but bear in mind that this medicine could be easily used as a drug and that is why it must be under control. Cannabis is not bad for your health. A lot of medical studies had shown that cannabis is very good for your health.

It is much healthier than cigarettes, and it cleans your lungs. But most of the doctors won’t talk about cannabis because they are afraid of losing their license if they say something that mainstream medicine doesn’t agree. The facts are there, but they are afraid to say that. Some doctors weren’t afraid, to tell the truth, and they lost their licenses, but they started their own business in producing medicinal marijuana and cannabis oil for treatment of various diseases.

Countries where marijuana is legal

It is known that in those countries you can produce cannabis oil and other medical substances as long as you are registered. Registering your production is very important because it prevents abusing cannabis as a drug. Most of the people in the world know that clean marijuana is not bad for your health. Well at least if you don’t smoke too much. After all, if you are using anything too much, it will become bad for you. It is important to know the dose. Although THC causes some psychedelic effects, some researchers state that it can stop cancer and in some cases destroy the bad cancer cells.

Most of the scientist and doctors are very careful about these statements because they know that pharmaceutical companies can’t make a big profit out of cannabis because anyone can plant the cannabis in his backyard and use it for different problems and diseases, unlike medicine which you have to buy in pharmacies with the price they determine. Because of all these things, marijuana and cannabis oil had become one of the biggest questions that you could always see the debates. Some doctors even though they now that cannabis can cure some problems, don’t want to speak about it because of their vanity. Imagine that you are studying so hard and all of a sudden people have discovered that just a single plant can cure some medical problems. Doctor’s credibility now becomes degraded.

Always question

So it is important to have the right and fresh information about scientific discoveries and hope that one day you will choose which medicine you can use. Medicinal marijuana can help with glaucoma, cancer, chest pain and nerve pain, anxiety problems, epilepsy and many other things. It is indeed a wonderful plant.