When a doctor tells the patient that he/she has some cancer or melanoma, the panic starts to develop. First of all, cancer is treatable, and it is very important to stay positive and never give up. To defeat cancer, there are a lot of alternative advice that help you overcome and cure cancer. Your doctor will tell you that you need to start chemotherapy immediately but hold on. Sit down and think about it. I don’t know if you heard, but recently doctors in Nederland cured breast cancer like a simple cold in just a few weeks without the use of chemotherapy. It tells you that mainstream science is not always good. Some doctors say that cannabis can cure all sorts of cancer when you combine it with the diet that is known to be anti-carcinogenic.

conventional cure Use of cannabis in all forms that you can use is proven to be very effective against all sorts of cancer. Cannabis oil is known to treat skin melanoma and other types of cancer. Most of the mainstream doctors will say that it is a miracle of God or something like that because their vanity is so big, that they can’t except that a simple plant can cure even the deadliest disease and they haven’t found the conventional cure for this. Most of them will not accept cannabis because it can be used as a drug and their indoctrinated minds can’t understand that difference between a drug and medicine is in its dose. But there is more and more proof that people are being cured with cannabis.

Is there a cure?

cannabis oilsThere were TV testimonials about cancer being cured with cannabis oils, and even some mainstream doctors are afraid to talk about it because they are afraid that they will lose their license. Cannabis can cure all types of cancer, but it is very important to discover the disease in its early stage so the treatment could start as soon as possible. If cancer had reached its terminal phases, then there is little that any cure could do. But there have been a lot of examples how people have survived even the terminal phases of cancer. So it is all up to you, your organism and your will to fight. If you lose all hope and give up, then you will certainly loose the battle. If you decide to use cannabis as a cure, you will have to get a diet that is given to people for this type of disease, and you will need to have a positive spirit.

Cannabis can save you

So whatever the doctors say, CBD Edibles Online or tea can help you cure cancer and will stop the cancer growth.