About Me

Many of you will probably think about drugs and weed when you hear these words, but most of you don’t know that this plant can help you or even cure some problems and diseases. This plant is practically a universal cure, and it is called a miracle plant by some doctors and scientists. We can use this plant or its leaves for making tea. This tea could help us relax, and it can treat some of the worst health problems. Some scientific researchers have proven that marijuana or cannabis can cure cancer, heart problems, and epilepsy. Its seeds could be used as food, and its oil is very healthy. Most of the politicians and doctors will say it is bad for your health and that it causes some side effects. The same thing is for alcohol. And it is a well-known fact that marijuana is healthier than cigarettes. It will clean your lungs. Those are all scientifically proven statements. It will also help you as a back pain relief and stress relief.